Our Team

Our Team     
Our Team Comprised with the hardcore professionals of the foolwing as Partners:

1.   CA. Sharad Thawali - Nagpur
2.   CA. Naresh Jakhotia- Nagpur
3.   CA. Rakesh Rathi - Nagpur
4.   CA. Monika Rathi- Nagpur
5.   CA. Purvi Shah - Nagpur
6.   CA. Nitin Khedkar- Mumbai
7.   CA. Harsh Vardhan Agrawal- Kolkata
8.   CA. Bharat Jeswani - Pune
9.   CA. Payal Agrawal - Bhilai
10. CA. Sukhdeep Singh- Goa


- Articled Assistant         : 43

- Graduates and Post Graduates : 13

- Cost Accountant :        1

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise  helps us to  service our clients to their satisfaction. 

We are committed to provide consistent customized and workable solutions to our clients with highest level of dedication and professionalism incorporating advanced technology.  

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